Barbara Visser, Detitled, 2000,  Collection FRAC Nord-Pas de  Calais, Dunkerque, FR

Destroy Design

24th February - 24th May ’10

Lausanne, Switzerland

Now on view at MUDAC, Musée de Design et d’Arts Appliqués Contemporains, in Lausanne, Switzerland is ‘Destroy Design’, an exhibition of important works on loan from Frances FRAC Nord-Pas de Calais that focuses of the unique position of the object in contemporary culture.

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"Light Blubs" by Pieke Bergmans, 2008

"Light Blubs"

Pieke Bergmans

Part of Bergmans on-going "Design Virus" series. These "Light Blubs" are hand-blown crystal light bulbs containing LEDs (24V Osram Power LEDs, 7,5 – 15W) mounted on pre-existing materials and light fixtures.

'DJ nomiS' Lightbot by Marcus Tremonto, 2010

New 'Lightbotz'

by Marcus Tremonto

World renowned lighting artist and designer, Marcus Tremonto, has just unveiled his latest creations at Kidrobot in New York.

These whimsical ‘Lightbotz’ as they are called, take their inspiration from vintage toys, video games and sci fi/futuristic films, which have all been major interests of Tremonto for over 20 years. In creating these amazing objects, Tremonto has cleverly integrated various lighting elements to alter and enhance each of the Lightbotz’s unique characters.

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Kim Thome's Bug Chair

Bug Chair

Bug is a small ‘chairstool’ with a large comfy support that comfortably hugs the back but naturally works as an armrest too. It’s inspired by the Black Rhino beetle after living in Asia for many years, where in some countries the beetle is kept as a pet. It was obvious that the beetle was well suited as inspiration for a domestic product.

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‘Objectivity: A Designer’s Book of Curious Tools’ by David Usborne with a foreword by Thomas Heatherwick

DeTnk’s Must Read Book of the Month

February ‘10

This month, we highly recommend picking up a copy of ‘Objectivity: A Designer’s Book of Curious Tools’ by David Usborne with a foreword by Thomas Heatherwick.

Written by collector and teacher of design David Usborne with a foreword by innovative British designer Thomas Hetherwick ‘Objectivity’ provides  a miscellany of mysterious objects that celebrates the beauty of simple, useful things.  

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Fine Feathers oak coffer inlaid with pewter & ebony, circa 1898 by Ambrose Heal

On show: Rare Heal’s Antiques

7th February - 3rd April ’10

Heals Flagship Store
Tottenham Court Road, London

Heal’s has been a fixture of the modern design market for 200 years, and as part of their bicentenary celebrations they have organized a selling exhibition in conjunction with The Millinery Works at the Heal’s flagship store on Tottenham Court Road.

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Studio Job proposal for 'Contemplating the Void'

Contemplating the Void: Interventions in the Guggenheim Museum

February 12 - April 28 ’10

The Guggenheim Museum
Fifth Avenue, New York City

Now on view at the Guggenheim in New York is an intriguing exhibition called ‘Contemplating the Void: Interventions in the Guggernheim Museum’  that showcases the reactions of a variety of artists, architects, and designers to the iconic interior space of the Frank Lloyd Wright-designed museum.

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Untitled (87-29 Studer) by Donald Judd, 1987, sold at Phillips de Pury Feburuary 2010

A Week of London Auctions Leaves Optimistic Mood

Report by Scott Reyburn for Bloomberg News

With the first batch of 2010 Design auctions less than a month away it is a positive sign to see how well the auction market has been doing recently. As reported by Scott Reyburn for Bloomberg News, the string of London auctions that ended last Saturday with Philips de Pury’s sale of Contemporary Art broke records and left collectors with optimistic feelings.

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‘Smart-ologic Corain Living’ by Karim Rashid, 2010

New from Karim Rashid: ‘Smart-ologic Corian Living’

Sustainable home design to premiere in Milan, April 2010

Here is a peak at a new home concept from Karim Rashid that is set to premiere at this year’s Milan Furniture Fair in April.

The futuristic project is made from Dupont Corian and includes other bio-sourced sustainable components and recycled materials. It is proposed as an example of possible options that can be used in the future to meet the emerging technical and environmental challenges faced by interior design, architecture and building.

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Picture 34.png

Signs of Rebound in Antiques Market

by William L. Hamilton for the International Herald Tribune

In this article William Hamilton discusses the recent upswing in the antiques market as demonstrated by last month’s series of major antiques shows and sales in New York City. It is interesting to see this year’s optimistic mood spreading across the different sectors of the collecting market, and read the opinions of various collectors and dealers.

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Picture 13.png

Video Clip of Paul Cocksedge's 'KISS'

Back in December we posted some images of a festive and interactive light installation called ‘KISS’ by internationally acclaimed designer Paul Cocksedge.

In light of the most recent holiday here is a short video clip of ‘KISS’ that we thought you might enjoy.

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Chair designed by Robert Venturi, manufactured by Knoll International, USA, 1984

Symposium: Furniture in the 20th Century

6th March ’10, 10:00 am - 5:30 pm

Sackler Centre, the Victoria & Albert Museum

On March 6th, Christopher Wilk, Keeper of the V&A’s Furniture Textiles & Fashion Department will chair an international conference at the museum’s Sackler Centre that will approach seemingly well-known topics of 20th century design  from entirely new perspectives, based on new research.

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Picture 5.png

Stockholm Design Week 2010

9th - 13th February ’10

This week the city of Stockholm is hosting its annual Design Week which includes the Stockholm Furniture Fair and Northern Light Fair.

The Furniture Fair itself offers an impressive exhibition of the latest Scandinavian designs with approximately 650 exhibitors including displays from Jonas Wagell and Seller, as well as an installation from iconic British designer Paul Smith.

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'Another Chair' by Karen Ryan

Another Chair (Cane Chair)

Karen Ryan

Bild 4.png

KISD Design Anual 2009

After a 6 year break, we are pleased to be able to present another KISD Yearbook. The times have changed; in 1993 it was unique and in 2003 still exceptional for a Design School to produce a yearbook, but today it’s common practice. These yearbooks have slowly become highly attractive, and are distributed both nationally and internationally.

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