Ground Stationary Scissor Prototypes by Michael Antrobus, 2009

Prototypes and Experiments IV: Metal and Form

21st January - 6th March 2010

The Aram Gallery
Drury Lane, London

On the 21st of January the Aram Gallery in London will open Prototypes and Experiments IV, the fourth in its ongoing series of exhibitions which showcase innovative projects from a continually changing batch of emerging and established designers. This particular exhibition will display a series of objects exploring ideas in metal.

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Picture 41.png

Conversations in Design: A World Without Oil

21st January ’10, 9am-6pm

Design Exchange
Bay Street, Toronto

On the 21st of January The Interior Design Show is hosting a symposium in Toronto, Canada where leading designers from around the world will gather to discuss and imagine ‘A World Without Oil’.

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Cooper-Hewitt Museum NYC

New Directors Named for Two Major US Museums

Designer and Dealer to take over academic posts

In the last week both the Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum in New York and the Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA) in Los Angeles have named new directors with backgrounds in ‘real-world’ business rather than traditional academia.

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'Fragments of Nature' Table (detail) by Lex Pott

'Fragments of Nature'

By Lex Pott

In these new works, designer Lex Pott brings together industrial design and organic natural elements to create a series of innovative tables.

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Casey Jones

Interview with Casey Jones

By Alexandra Lang for the Design Observer

In this interview for the Design Observer, Alexandra Lang asks the current Director of Design Excellence and the Arts for the U.S. General Services Administration (GSA), Casey Jones, about his latest projects, the issue of sustainability in design, the effect of the economic climate and what new directions he plans to take the GSA in.

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Custom-made bar by Studio Arne Quinze, 2010

New Sculpted Bar

by Studio Arne Quinze

Kwint Restaurant

Studio Arne Quinze recently completed the refurbishment of the exclusive Kwint restaurant in Brussels’ SQUARE conference center.

Their design features a custom-made sculpted bar, which adds a new element of activity and drama to an otherwise fairly simple interior.

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Bahar Tafti in the DeTnk.Tv Studio at Tent London

Bahar Tafti in the DeTnk.Tv Studio at Tent London

We were lucky enough to snag a few minutes in our TV studio at Tent London with Bahar Tafti from 'KeepCup'.

In her conversation with Leonora Oppenheim, Tafti discusses the concept and innovation behind the KeepCup, and the difficulties faced in combining the needs of coffee consumers with the needs of the environment.


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Tube Chandelier by Michael Anastassiades

‘Old Friends New Directions’

11th-15th January, 2010

New Bond Street, London

On view this week at Sotheby’s London is ‘Old Friends New Directions’, an intriguing exhibition, which showcases new work from several established designers who took part in the Sotheby’s Contemporary Decorative Arts Exhibitions as recent graduates between 1997 and 2003.

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Picture 8.png

Hotel Design Trends

Video produced by The Luxury Channel

Hotel development is a major source of business for the interior and architectural design industries. In this interesting video, produced by The Luxury Channel, viewers are given the chance to explore the concepts and aesthetics of some truly unique hotels including Terence Conran’s groundbreaking Boundary Hotel and Rabih Hage’s urban chic Rough Luxe Hotel.

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Mouna Andraos in front of her "6 is for blossom" artwork

Interview with Mouna Andraos

by Ricardo Hernandez for Yatzer

In this recent interview, young designer/artist Mouna Androas talks to Yatzer about the relationship between her work and electronic and media related technologies.

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Picture 6.png

Designers in Residence 2009-2010: Part II

27th January - 8th March 2010

The Design Museum
Shad Thames, London

At the end of this month the Design Museum will unveil the second part of their annual Designers in Residence programme for 2009-2010. The display will feature new works from Asif Khan and Bethan Wood, as well as an installation by the Farm collective.

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Picture 4.png

‘Frozen in Time’: New Works by Wieki Somers

30th January - March ’10

Galerie Kreo
rue Dauphine, Paris

Opening this month at Galerie Kreo in Paris is a show of new works by Dutch designer Wieki Somers. The exhibition is called ‘Frozen in Time’ and features a collection that merges conventional objects such as a lamp or stool with the unconventional forms of flowering sprigs and transparent ice-like layers to create some pretty fantastical pieces.

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Set of 'Porro' modern wall-mounted storage by Piero Lissoni

Set of 'Porro' modern wall-mounted storage

Piero Lissoni

Set includes 4 units which can be used in different configurations.

'Gingerbread' armchair by Paola Navone

'Gingerbread' armchair

Paola Navone

Sold without square silk cushions

'Sweet 20' armchair by Paola Navone

'Sweet 20' armchair

Paola Navone

Very comfortable








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